We are proud to say that we are based in the United States of America. With so many on our competitors basing their services in other countries, we feel it necessary and beneficiary to have our base in the USA, providing customer service in a real time fashion. Take a look at some of our competitors; there is only one other company that can say they are based in the USA. We want our customers to be assured that when they call or send an email they will be taken cared of by an American citizen, speaking in their language and understand their needs. Why waste time and money on international calls, which can only lead to more confusion and delayed turnaround? You can feel comfortable that with TheClippingPath.com you are contacting a local business that knows exactly what you need and can deliver when you need it.

If you have any problems with billing, artwork, corrections, or just a simple question about our site or service, feel free to give us a call. Our customer support team will gladly help you in any way they possibly can to see your needs met.

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