We offer three standard charges for your Clipped Path artwork: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The price list is based upon orders with number of files ranging from 1 image to 50 images. For prices on larger number of image, please send us a quote request.

  • Easy

    For simple objects that required just an outline with few curves, jagged edges, and no inside compounded paths

    $1.20 Per Image
  • Medium

    For difficult, compounded shapes that still maintain a simple outlining path

    $4.00 Per Image
  • Hard

    For complex shapes that require many different compounded paths, detailed outline, or multiple cutting paths from the same image

    $7.00 Per Image

Our order form allows you to select the level of clipping path that is needed for your specific artwork. NOTE: The clipping path will be as detailed as the stated by the level select. If an image that is high detail but the level is set as easy, only an outlining path will be created.

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